ePOST Serverless Email System

A PEER-TO-PEER Platform for Reliable, Secure Communication

In More Detail

ePOST is a decentralized, serverless system that  provides email services for participating users. The system is secure, resilient, self-organizing and allows for users to join ePOST without required administrator action. To use ePOST, you will need to create your own ePOST ring, as detailed in the new ring page.

ePOST is based on the Pastry peer-to-peer overlay, which allows ePOST to scale to large numbers of users. Since ePOST uses a peer-to-peer substrate, there are no dedicated email servers - the function of the email server is distributed over all of the machines in the network. However, the same privacy level as with an existing server-based system are preserved when using ePOST.  Moreover, ePOST offers secure, authenticated email service among ePOST users.

ePOST is designed to be backwards-compatible with existing SMTP-based email systems. In fact, ePOST users can even use their normal email clients to send and receive email, as well as send and receive email from non-ePOST users. Each user is given an email address of, which can be used in parallel with or in place of their normal email account.


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