ePOST Serverless Email System

A PEER-TO-PEER Platform for Reliable, Secure Communication

Upgrade From Previous Versions

NOTE:  You need to have a pre-existing ePOST installation to run any of the pre-compiled software on this page. We are no longer registering new users for ePOST. See the source code at the bottom of this page if you are interested in setting up your own ePOST system.

If you already have ePOST installed, then you can use the link in the section to manually update your code to the latest version. When you've downloaded the jar file, copy it to your ePOST installation directory.

Previous Code Releases

The following versions of ePOST are available for download, but they are not maintained and we ask all users to use the latest code, shown above.

Source Code

As of ePOST 2.3, the ePOST source code will be released with each ePOST release. The latest available code is provided below under the same BSD-like license as FreePastry.


You can download the ePOST 2.4.8 javadocs in either .tar.gz or .zip formats. Or you can browse it online here.